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D. Williams Consulting team has over 20 years of strategic business, leadership & training, and sales and marketing experience. We specialize in organizational leadership & development, team building, business strategy development, brand promotion, and professional & personal coaching. D. Williams Consulting LLC takes pride in customer service, delivering timely, efficient results to clients which leads them to success. I believe the responsiveness. and unique tactics used to re-position futures set us apart from others. Each client is treated with the confidentiality and respect they deserve regardless of their knowledge, skills, background, etc.

D. Williams Consulting Expertise

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner

Mobile Notary

Georgia Notary, authorized to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing or attest to signatures on a document

D. Williams Consulting Expertise

Donna Williams is a published author. There’s A Jewel in You, Volume 3, is a book anthology related to teenage motherhood trails to triumphs, used to empower, uplift, and motivate teens, women, and young moms. There’s an insert “I had to go through the path of grit, grime, gangster, grunt, and gruel; It was God’s plan for the journey of finding me”. It is the author’s desire for this book to inspire someone to understand despite your current situation or challenges, you can still achieve your dreams.

Never give up.
D. Williams Consulting Expertise

Donna Williams inspires and empowers entrepreneurs, employers, employees, and others to embrace their maximum potential. Her innovative high-energy interactions have made her a highly sought-after speaker throughout the southeast. Her revelation around Rags to Riches a different story of empowerment has enlightened many towards understanding their purpose. Donna is an acclaimed speaker and author who utilize her experience, background, education, testimony, and realistic vantage points to engage a diverse audience.

Success is defined by you, not others.


Business Basics

Your business is our business. We believe in collaborating with organizations to maximize its resources and reach the intended goal. We are prepared to help businesses at any level, from impartial advice or practical assistance to help effectively optimize its business potential.

  • Business Plan & Proposals
  • Business Strategy Concepts
  • Marketing Brand Promotion
  • Growth & Retention Strategy
  • Facilitator Support
  • Project Management
Organizational Development

Whether your business is a startup, looking to restructure, or needs to motivate your team, we have got you covered. Our mantra is: analyze, identify, advise, execute. Our promise is to provide service excellence, professionalism, integrity, respect, and transparency on the road to achieve your goals.

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Work Ethics Etiquette
  • Conflict Resolution Expert
  • Business Change Agent
  • Motivational & Professional Speaker
  • Workplace Workshops
  • Experienced Corporate Events Organizer
Experienced Coach

Strategic business, analysts, leadership training, organizational and personal development strategies will enhance your business success as well as create optimum consumer centric experiences. Our track record proves that clear communication and expert collaboration will boost your bottom line.

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Personality Trait Assessment
  • Self-Development Strategy
  • Public Speaking Positives
  • Obstacle Resolution
  • Self-Care Enthusiast
  • Transformation

Are you ready to Reposition Your Business’s Future for Success?


There’s A Jewel In You

This anthology is a compilation of enthralling women who are sharing their evocative stories of experiencing motherhood for the very first time. There’s a jewel in you anthology series is written to encourage, empower and equip young mothers for greater. It takes a jewel to see a jewel and that’s what we see in yours.

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